March For Science

M4S-PONYS3.png#ParcoAvventuraScientifica is an initiative whose aim is to get people of any age to #rediscover the urban park as a place where #LEARNING is possible while having fun.
Equipped with the Scientific Explorer kit, explore the park and follow the tracks using your map. Beat the proposed challenges at every stage, by attending experiments and scientific demonstrations. Complete the tracks, stamp your Scientific Passport and get a gadget! The adventure continues in the Physics Garden, an interactive area where you will discover the bond between science and sport. The INFN-Naples Section will also be there and entertain the audience. The event was planned by the Environment Department of Naples Common, designed and achieved by PONYS – Physics & Optics Naples Young Students and INFN – National Institute of Nuclear Physics. The initiative is part of the Project “I Parchi di Napoli: Esperienze e Scoperte – Rete dei Parchi Primavera 2017” (i.e. Parks in Naples: Experiences and Discoveries – Spring Parks Network 2017), with the objective of sensitizing citizenship about themes of #ecology and #respect of public places. Parco Avventura Scientifica also is part of March For Science, a network of over 500 events taking place on 22nd of April 2017 in more than 40 countries. The aim of March For Science is to sensitize public opinion and governments about the importance of research and scientific education. For more info, visit March For Science.

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