Physics’s got talent – Awarding

The award ceremony for “Physics Got Talent” took place in “Aula Caianiello” of Naples Physics Department. About 100 students, belonging to the schools who joined the contest, took part to the event.
During the ceremony the videos made by the partecipants were shown and the students themselves explained better how they perfomed the experiment, how they built the setup and the reasons who motivated them to join the contest.
These latter short interwiews underlined the importance to stimulate curiosity and passion about physics among the younger generation of students.
We allocated three prizes: one called “popular award” because it was chosen by the major number of like through the official page of the event on facebook and youtube, and two prizes selected by a jury of professors and members of our section.

Here we report the winners :

“technical prizes”:

1) Liceo Cuoco , “Costruzione di un motore elettrico”(“How to made an eletric motor”) (video)

2) Liceo Calamandrei , “Termogiocando” (“Playing with termodinamic”) (video)

“popular prize”

Liceo Suor Orsola Benincasa, “Legge di Stevin” (“Stevin’s Law”) (video) who gained over 1000 votes on the web!